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19 March 2001, posted here 27 August 2005

Another series of composites: Tate. No relation to any gallery of the same name — the location is outside the Tate shop near the corner of Hamburg Gänsemarkt and ABC-Straße, a store offering designer clothes (Paul Smith T-Shirts at DM 70.-, etc). Time is 15:30 on a Saturday, half an hour before shops close for the weekend. We are looking into the street with Hamburg's most expensive clothes shoppes (Versace one of them, I believe).

The first image is not a composite but the original photograph that triggered the series.

All images copyright © 1999-2008 by Detlev Fischer

Two posh guys - the original that triggered the series

Tate (unedited). Click to view enlarged (116 KB)

Two guys who don't fit, and an impudent glance

Tate 1. Click to view enlarged (96 KB)

Couple leaving shop, rather blasé

Tate 3. Click to view enlarged (104 KB)

Irritating glances

Tate 4. Click to see enlarged (112 KB)

Woman with bicycle, eyes closed - and another ill-fitting couple

Tate 5. Click to see enlarged (112 KB)

Glances to event outside image area

Tate 6. Click to see enlarged (108 KB)

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